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FREE Pet Baby Rats! ~*Still 3 Left!!*~

Bismarck, ND
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Name: mues155
Location: Bismarck, ND

Reason Selling: "Given to me/ Can't keep them"
I have 3 rats that need new homes. All are about 2 months old and are all females. They are all berkshires (dark grey/ black with white belly and feet) All are very nice and can be handled with no biting. (The hooded white & black rat found a home)

I feed my snakes frozen/thawed, but these were given to me live. I love rats as much as I love snakes and I'd rather see them go to loving homes, but I can't keep them as I'm allergic and don't have room. If nobody wants them they will have to be killed quickly and humanely and then become snake food (Fact of life: snakes need to eat too ya know!)

Rats make much better pets than hamsters. They are smarter, more social, tameable, and friendly. They bond with their owners and can be taught tricks. They almost never bite. If anyone wants a free pet rat and can give them a good home then they are available for you. They do not come with any supplies, but if you need to know anything about taking care of rats my boyfriend and I are very knowlegable on the subject. If interested then give me a text, call, or message! Please hurry!
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