Advertising Skin Design Specs for BisManOnline

BisManOnline skins are centered background images that appear behind the site content and extend to either side.   The size of the skin is 1583x800 pixels.   And the usable area is approx 306 pixels on each side of the skin.

In addition, a small horizontal strip approx 21px tall should be left empty in your image (or, with no important content as it will be hidden)

Some sample design steps with sizing:  (Note:  Images below are shrunk to fit this article...  Clicking on each image will give you the full actual size)

1.  Start with a canvas 1583px wide by 800px tall.   Use a black background to ensure seamless integration with BisManOnline's black background.

2.  In order to visualize how the skin will look, view the image below which shows the blank black background with the BisManOnline homepage superimposed over the middle of the canvas.

Note the widths you have to work with on either side of the skin as well as the small 21px margin at the top of the skin

NOTE:   There are a small number of users that still have smaller width screens. (less than 10%) - If you want to be sure that these users get the full message of your promotion, ensure that critical words / content is within the first 150pixels on either side of the skin.    See the Example below you will note the primary phrase "40 Cars under $10,000" is within 150px on the left side of the skin.

3.  You can be as creative as you would like in your skin design.   See the example below of a completed skin.  Note the fading to black on left and right sides

6.  Adding Additional Content should be done in such a way that it will appear for users who are running browsers that are 1280px wide.    The usable content area for additional key-information is shown in the image below.

Important:  DO NOT BOX YOUR CONTENT!   A skin should appear seamless, try not to "box" your content into the allowed areas which would then give you the appearance of 2 tower ads, instead of the desired "skin" effect.


Here are some final examples to look through.   Click on each one for the full size: