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2001 Ford F-250 7.3L Powerstroke

Evan M
Berthold, ND
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Name: Evan M
Location: Berthold, ND
2001 Ford F-250 7.3L Powerstroke XLT

Hello, I have a 2001 Ford F-250 (F250) 7.3L Powerstroke for sale! It is in fabulous condition! This is a rare find at 123,000 miles and it has a TON of life left in her! Unfortunately my situation has changed and its time to get a grocery getter for the family!

I bought this pickup from a place in South Dakota in 2011. It was used as a light work truck and snowmobile trailer puller in the mountains. It had 83,000 Miles and I am the 2nd owner. It has been in a garage during the winter months.

The great thing about this pickup is I treated it as if it was going to be in the family forever. I did extensive work on it to get it back to absolutely amazing working condition! Here are a couple things that I had done...

These items are all NEW

Drive Belt, Batteries, Glow Plug Solenoid, New Turbo Hoses, Tires, Power Steering Pump, Radio Now has bluetooth), Speakers, THE ENTIRE FRONT END!!! - WOW!, Rear Bumper, Tonneau Cover, Mud Flaps, Running Boards, Tow Mirrors, Bully Dog Chip, Rear End Service 4,000 Miles ago AND Transmission Service 4,000 Miles ago.

Here is some more info on the above mentioned....

Drive Belt/Battieries/Turbo Hoses - Preventative Maintenance

Glow Plug Solenoid - Replaced to help cold weather starts

Power Steering Pump - Started to Whine...I just threw one in just in case

Radio/Speakers - Wanted bluetooth to talk - Speakers arent AMAZING but waaayyy better than stock.

Rear Bumper - When I purchased it, it had an aftermarket bumper that the aluminum was "flaking off" it cut I cut it...and put a new one one ;)

Runningboards/Tonneau Cover/Mud Flaps/Tow Mirrors - Installed when I purchased it.

Tires - This pickup comes with 2 sets...A SET OF BRAND NEW COOPER AT3s 10PLY and also 1/2 Tread more aggressive tires....I think they are coopers as well but dont remember. The Cooper AT3's sound much better on the highway, I replaced the more aggressive tire because it was loud down the road. Only 500 miles on new Coopers. **UPDATE** Aggressive Tires are called "Fierce Attitudes"

Bully Dog Chip - Friend at dealership recommended this chip, was set to "tow" hasn't been touched since. Never touched it or change settings, as the person who installed said just to leave it. I use it mostly as a way to read out my transmission temperature.

Front End Work - I was destined to get the "PLAY" out of my steering wheel. If anyone knows 7.3s...they have steering wheel play. NOT THIS ONE! I replaced everything from the steering gearbox to the hubs. This was a $4000 job. At the time I was getting this pickup to be in the family FOREVER, so I saw value in it. I probably didn't need to do this, but whoever gets this pickup, will likely have the best driving one on the road.

Everything else on this pickup is stock. No huge mods, no exhausts, or weird intakes...that's for you to do. I wanted to keep things as stock as I could...including the rims. There is no lift, or weird aftermarket anythings on here.

Oil has been changed about every 2000 Miles - We only put about 1500/Year on it, so it has not been driven hard. Used Motorcraft everything...

Fuel Filter Changed every 4000 miles...Stanadyne additive consistently used...

This did just make a trip to Billings, MT and performed flawlessly.

Interior - Driver Seat has a little wear, and back seat has a tear that was fixed with aviation adhesive and center console has some duct tape residue from a dingbat kid who rode with me one time.

Box has spray in bed liner that is starting to flake (Was done before I purchased).

No 5th Wheel Hitch - Heavy duty bumper pull....we didn't pull much with it.

No fender rust, under-body looks fantastic.

Body has small dings and dents from everyday usage. Its also 18 Years old....but doesn't look like it!

AC Blows Cold, Heater Blows Hot - Everything works here.

Cruise Control Works, Power Windows, Power Locks, Wipers Good Condition, Owners Manual,

So here's the thing...I am really bummed to see this pickup leave my yard. But I cant make it a daily driver for my family. This pickup has moved me and started me out on the farm. Its time to make a change and find a good home for it. I am asking $18,750...I know it is worth all of that, I don't mind dealing a little bit, but this is honestly a great mechanically working pickup that someone would love to have! It is mostly cleaned out (I vacuumed it and wiped it down) but it snowed/rained today to it will be washed up hopefully when things dry up.

Thanks for taking the time to look! We live South of Blaisdell, ND and I can usually be caught by phone if you call. Not a huge texter, but let me know if you have any questions...I will gladly answer! Thanks much for looking!! :)

Additional Details

Seller's Website :
Condition : Used
Seller Type : Private Seller
Drive Train : 4 wheel drive
Transmission Type : Automatic
Vehicle Engine : 7.3L
Vehicle Make : Ford
Vehicle Mileage : 123000
Vehicle Model : F-250
Vehicle Year : 2001
AC : Yes
Cab Type : Double
CD Player : Yes
DVD Player : No
Exterior Color : White
Fuel Type : Diesel
Interior Color : Tan
Leather : Yes
Power Locks : Yes
Power Windows : Yes
Remote Start : No
Size : 3/4 Ton
Sun/Moon Roof : No
Vehicle Condition : Very Good


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