Mary Poppins Pre School Daycare Spots Available as low as $95 per week Hours 6-6

Bismarck, ND
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Name: Shalaine
Location: Bismarck, ND
We are not a center. We are a home daycare with an all day preschool program. We are your like personal nanny service and preschool in one. Get the best of intimate home daycare and preschool together. Your children will not be just a number but part of our family.

HOME DAYCARE for ages 2 and up only. We serve organic non- processed foods. Children help grow and cook their own foods.

Montessori/ Waldorf style of teaching. Our curriculum includes German, French, Spanish while learning English sentence structures and grammar.

Preschool years are the ideal time for children to learn communication skills in all languages. We have a play to learn philosophy and children learn about life in group discussions and conversations directed by the teachers. Waldorf schools do not have technology because the foundation years are the best time for children to think and learn and ask questions. Verbal skills increase when children are actively engaged and communicating verses being passive "edutainment". During these first 5 fundamental years we focus on helping children to find out who they are and learn to relate to others and the world around them in their own way on their own path. Individuality and creativity is highly encouraged in Waldorf schools. Music and fine arts are a major part of the Waldorf schools. School readiness is taught through a variety of fine and gross motor activities as well as our phonics centers.

We only have about 5-9 students per day( maximum 12). This allows for better quality socialization and more one on one guidance. We focus on working together as a family and develop personal responsibility as well as accountability in all our students. In a small group, children are thus exposed to less germs and sicknesses. In a small preschool your child is not just a number. Institutionalized one size fits all preschools are not for every child. Montessori is child lead and child directed using a prepared environment to help the children initiate their own discoveries and develop a foundation for a love of learning .

We are open for children 6:00 A.M till 5:30 P.M. We can accommodate until 6 P.M on occasion. Our structured preschool program is from 8 A.M-3:30 P.M. We also do before and after school care for children who need full day care.

We work with each child to encourage them to learn at their own pace so they will be prepared for mainstream Kindergarten.

There are different creative play stations set up in various rooms and children are encouraged to roam from learning centers experimenting and engaging on the level that they feel comfortable. We converted our heated garage to a p.e room for gross motor skills and active play during the winter. We fill the garage with a huge bouncy house. Our sun room is used as our block room for spacial relations and math manipulates.

We have a detailed schedule to allow structure, yet flexibility. Shalaine Goy is the main teacher and she has 2 part time employees.

TEACHER QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE- qualified and experienced teachers. Ask for resume and credentials. Primary teacher, Shalaine Goy was a Human Development/ECE major and has over 20 years experience in teaching and working with children. She majored in Early Childhood Education and is going to finish her degree in Early Childhood Education. She is also working towards her CDA. Shalaine opened her first home preschool in 2003 in C.A In 2010 we opened our small home based preschool here in Bismarck.

We have several substitute teachers as back-up.

Weekly rate is based on age/needs of the child/developmental level of the child as well with how many days per week they attend preschool. The minimum tuition is $95 per week and that is typically for ages 4 and up. We guarantee that you will see positive results in your child in our consistent, stimulating and nurturing environment.

For more information go to our website

To set up a walk through tour on evenings or weekend please text. After the walk through tour we allow a free trail day in which parents are welcome to stay and observe how their child interacts in our program.

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