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These bunks are the TOUGHEST, BIGGEST, LONGEST LASTING proven bunk out there! DELIVERY AVAILABLE ANYWHERE! These bunks have been proven over many years for long life, strength, WONT RUST OUT!!, volume, cattle friendly (cows and calves), easy to fill in the middle and completely full, and quit simply works! Have I forgotten to mention that these bunks are designed to KEEP CATTLE OUT OF THEM, plus they are EASY TO MOVE AROUND! Either move them with your bucket/grapple fork or use pallet forks and move two at one time! These bunks are the most chuck box, mixer wagon, and bale processor friendly bunk around because theres no bar down the middle! And yes THEY KEEP CATTLE OUT OF THE BUNK because of the design! The rounded guardrail to the outside of the bunk deters the cattle of climbing in the bunk. Plus if cattle get thrown in the bunk they can easily flip themselves around and get back out. Bunk with bars over the top will trap cattle in the bunk upside down and kill them! PROVEN FACT! GET 28 PLUS COWS or 40 PLUS CALVES AROUND EACH BUNK. Cow bottemless bunks are 26' long, 4' wide, and 26'' deep. Calf bottemless bunk are 26' long, 3' wide, and 24'' deep (designed for easier reach). These bunk are all built out of guardrail so they will never rust out and last forever! The corners are boxed in with 1/4'' angle iron wrapped around each side 4'' completely eliminating all sharp edges and corners! The corners are also boxed in on the top and bolted (ALL WITH LOCK NUTS) on the tops, bottems, and sides. (CHECK OUT THE PICS) There are NO WELDS! THIS ELIMINATES BREAKING AND CRACKING because the bunk can still flex yet keep its strength. There are also 2 separate cross pieces staggered in the bunk and bolted (also made of guardrail) to give it more strength. These bunks are also designed to not freeze in the ground nearly as bad as the competitions steel bunks out there. This is the BEST BUY PER FOOT OUT THERE!! Dont be tricked by all other little 20' long bottemless bunks built out of cheap steel and tin which will rust out and bend up in no time! PRICE PER FOOT AND QUALITY IS THE WAY TO GO! The COW BUNKS ARE PRICED AT $855.00 / BUNK, AND THE CALF BUNK AT $840.00 / BUNK. VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE! Either pick them up at my place near Herreid, SD (which is right on Highway 83 on the North and South Dakota borders), or have me deliver them right into your yard!! I've sold and delivered bunks into North and South Dakota, Montana, Minnestoa, and Nebraska. I can haul 6 cow bunks or 8 calf bunks at one time. Split loads between different customers is available! We also will custom build bunks to your specs if desired! Give me a call at 605-848-0291 or send me email for any more information or questions! GET MORE BUCK FOR YOUR BUNK!! (patent pending)

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