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Kittens in need of homes!

Fort Yates, ND
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Name: Jay
Location: Fort Yates, ND
I was on my way back home when I happened to see a pair of eyes staring at me and thinking it was one of our cats that lost their way while exploring I stop and check.

Maybe 3 feet away from the ditch and into the road I see a black cat and going to turn my flashlight on I see there's two! Both were shivering and huddled together so I grabbed them and brought them home. They were absolutely freezing and from being in middle of the road unaware of the possibility of them being run over I strongly believe they were brought up as inside cats their entire lives.

I've set up a enclosure for them and found out that they're a little shy but do use the litter box and eat cat food. One female and male and they're both in really good health. Please message me if you're interested in taking these two in. I cannot keep them as i already have my 3 but if possible I'd like to keep them together but if you only want to take one that's fine by me as long as their warm and safe in a loving home. They're flee free and are really soft so i want to believe the owner really cared for them well before stopping so suddenly and dropping them off in middle of the country. Message me for any questions!

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