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The Lanz family House Fire
Minot, ND

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Hello, we are the Lanz family. On December 26th,2022 we lost our family home to a fire while out of state for Christmas. We got a call from the Police department saying the local trash company called and reported smoke coming from our bedroom which is on the left end of the home looking at the picture. It eventually took the entire main floor and everything inside. We had our 3 cats in the home. We know 1 got out when they kicked the door down but he has yet to be found. We still are unsure of the cause of the fire at this time. My husband, our 8 year old son and our 2 dogs are currently staying in a hotel for the next month. We plan to use the fund to find a home to rent while we tear down the burned one and find a new one to move onto the foundation that's still there. Hope everyone has a blessed new year and thank you to all who have helped already!


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