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Newborn Frozen Calf Ears? Get Save Me Ears Calf Hood!

Medina, ND
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Newborn Frozen Calf Ears? Get Save Me Ears Calf Hood!

Newborn Calf Hood Ear Protection - frozen ears frost bite bulls cows heifers cattle

How many times have you dried a newborn calve off, right after it was born during cold weather, only to have the ears freeze anyway? "Mother Nature" probably is your problem! Most cows are very good mothers, and that first 24 hours of a newborn calfs life, the ears could be rewetted several times during cold weather. This can be very costly for those long awaited prize bulls and heifers, who are born during freezing temperatures.

SAVE ME EARS was designed so that the calfs ears are held back in a natural birthing position. SAVE ME EARS special patent design, goes back along the calves neck having a specially designed air pocket to capture that extra needed body heat that the calves head may not supply enough of on its own. Especially with weaker calves with slow circulation.

SAVE ME EARS is sewn together with a quality, tough, 69 weight nylon thread, the type used to sew boot tops. Insulation is durable, mamma cow tough, machine washable, neoprene, originally developed for deep water divers, to keep them warm and protected. Unlike many other foam based materials, neoprene closed cells resists soaking up lots of water, and is reusable over and over.

Adjustments are done with only three velcro like hook tape straps, of which one is attached to a special patented neck strap that holds SAVE ME EARS in proper position. These straps can be fastened anywhere needed on the special made tough nylon outer surface. When properly fitted, it does not interfere with the natural ability of the calf to nurse on a cow.

"Save Me Ears" was designed in North Dakota to help protect the first 24hrs, and keep newborn calf ears away from freezing mamma cow licks. Special $58.59 lg/sm sizes, extra required for Priority S/H/Ins to your zipcode. Many Angus breeders prefer the small size. ND residents will be charged 5% sales tax. For more information and to price shipping or to Order online, please go to: Credit cards and PayPal accepted. We ship by insured USPS Priority mail only.

Please note: This is not an ear drier, it is best to dry off ears first, before putting on SAVE ME EARS. Ears frozen before putting this hood on will not repair damage already done, but maybe helpful to reduce further damage.

Will fit most major breeds of newborn calves that are none miniature. Angus, Red Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, Simmental, Holstein, Charolais, Gelbvieh, Maine Anjou, Brangus, and many others.

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