Wanted: Cropland to Rent 2019 + Beyond

Hazen, ND
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Name: Dan
Location: Hazen, ND
Wanted: Cropland to Rent 2019 + Beyond

Young farmer looking to expand my business while raising a family. Good steward of the land. Willing to do some land improvements/rock removal within reason. (reclaiming decent hayland to crop production/removing fences to join 2 fields that have been farmed separately, etc.) Willing to pay reasonable rent that gives me a fair opportunity to make some money in current market conditions.

Prefer 3 year leases or more, but will entertain any offer. Willing to negotiate rent up or down yearly depending on market conditions allowing flexibility for landlord and tenant to both try and make money.

We operate strictly no-till, with the exception being to smooth extremely rough ground initially, or to fix ruts caused by equipment, etc.

I am not interested in crop shares, and would rather do a flex rent type of agreement. I also won't entertain offers including crop restrictions (no sunflowers, etc.) I need the flexibility of being able to choose the crops I grow to spread out my risks as a farmer.

Let me know what you've got in the Hazen/Beulah/Zap region and let's see if we can work something out. Thanks

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