Homes & Shomes: Need to Protect Your Harvesting Equipment?
Bismarck, ND

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Homes & Shomes: Need to Protect Your Harvesting Equipment?

Maximize Harvest Success: Custom Shomes by Homes & Shomes

Tired of cramped equipment storage and makeshift workshops? Upgrade to a Shome designed for farmers and ranchers!

Benefits for Your Operation:

Protect your investment: Securely store combines, tractors, and other valuable machinery.

On-site workspace: A dedicated area for repairs and maintenance.

Adaptable designs: Include living quarters for seasonal workers or extra office space.

Built to last: Durable materials withstand harsh North Dakota weather.

Powered by Sparling Construction: Quality craftsmanship since 1978.

Stop Wasting Time and Money. Get a Shome That Works For You!

Request your FREE consultation today. Serving Bismarck-Mandan's 60-mile radius.*

*We are currently serving about a 60-Mile Radius of Bismarck-Mandan.

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