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Scammer Info

BisManOnline wants you to be safe
Non-Cash Payments are Risky
  • These include gift cards, PayPal, and money sent via Western Union.
  • Beware if a buyer/seller requests transactions with any of these payment methods; this could be a scam.
We will NOT ask for your password
  • BisManOnline will NEVER send you a message requesting account information such as your email, password, etc. This is a phishing scam.
  • BisManOnline staff email addresses will ALWAYS end in ‘’
  • We will never contact users from a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or other such account.
  • Phishing emails will typically try to use something that looks real likeĀ
  • Please note, they could also generate phishing emails for other companies to confuse you such as an email pretending to be PayPal confirming that they’ve paid you, when they haven’t.
Beware users who won't speak over the phone
  • Scammers use common excuses such as being hard of hearing or being deployed as reasons for why they can’t speak with you over the phone. Do not fall for these.
Scammers pose as Buyers AND Sellers
  • Whether you are buying an item or selling an item, there are ways that you could be scammed.
  • Scamming is not strictly happening to buyers.
Don't Fall for their Tricks
  • If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Do not ship any item out of state unless you have spoken directly with the buyer over the phone and confirmed actual payment was completed.
  • Typically when buyers wish to use shipping companies, they are scams.
Check Cell Phones Before Purchasing
  • You should always verify cell phones are unlocked before completing a purchase.
  • Visit any phone carrier store such as Verizon, AT&T, etc.
  • They are able to look up the serial number for you to ensure it is not stolen, locked, etc.