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Recently, we’ve been experiencing issues with annoying popups on our website that redirect you to a scammy ad with no way to return back to the website other than completely exiting your browser.

These popups are caused by a third party ad server. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to trace them, therefore, we can’t track down the third party that is providing them, if it is only a single provider.

We’ve found that this issue is actually affecting websites all over the internet, not just specifically BisManOnline.

Visit the link below for more information; these popups are attacking many reputable websites.

Here are examples of a few common popups. Please note: They may not necessarily look like this, but will likely be similar.


We’ve taken many steps to try to combat this problem including:

  • Worked to identify advertising networks that are causing the issue and removed them from our system
  • Scheduled meetings with national advertising providers to discuss the issue
  • Found that the latest versions of chrome do a better job of preventing the issue.
  • Found that the problem is most prevalent on Safari web browser on iPhones

If you are experiencing these, please let us know! We are documenting any reports that we get for future reference and our investigations.

Submit a support case to us here