Outlet Recreation - Clearwater, MN
2088 202nd St. E
Clearwater, MN
(855) 558-6999

2011 Sprinter Park Like Travel Trailer Huge 2 Slide Camper RV

Outlet Recreation - Clearwater, MN
Clearwater, MN
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$15,995 OBO
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Name: Outlet Recreation - Clearwater, MN
Location: Clearwater, MN
2011 Sprinter Park Like Travel Trailer Huge 2 Slide Camper RV

Showing by Appointment Only... Call or Email Denny!

Amazingly Clean! Wow, if you've been looking for a big rider at half the price it's here now! Aluminum Structure, Arctic Pack, this Front Living camper has all the top end amenities and room for everyone! In immaculate condition you won't find a nicer one at this age. U-shaped dinette, Jack Sofa, Stove, Oven, Microwave, Furnace, A/C...this baby is loaded! Check out the Mid-Bath with 2 Sinks! Rear Queen with a separate entrance also. Clean rigs like this are hard to come by so hurry don't wait!

We take trades and have Sweet Financng!

Call or Email Denny for a Private Showing!

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New, Used, Trade-In, Diesel,

Additional Details

Seller's Website : http://www.outletrecreation.com/
Condition : Used
Seller Type : Commercial / Business
Camper Item : Campers
Camper Type : Travel Trailer
Camper/RV Make : Sprinter
Exterior Color : White
Length (ft.) : 35
Model : 318FLS
Sleeps (Number) : 8
Slideouts (Number) : 2
Year : 2011


Placed On :
Listing Expires On :
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