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1 1/2 Yr. Old Husky/Min-Pin

Bismarck, ND
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Name: marissax89
Location: Bismarck, ND
Reason Selling: "Rescue Adoption"
1 1/2 Yr. Old Female Husky/Min-Pin for Adoption

Age: 1 1/2 Year

Gender: Female

Breed: Husky/Min Pin

Does Well With: Dogs, Cats, and Kids

We just found out that Lucy was previously a Raise the Woof dog who was re-homed instead of returned to the rescue. After talking to Raise the Woof, Lucy will be staying with us! Lucy is a 1.5 year old min pin Husky mix. She was surrendered to the pound in Dickinson and moved to us. She is good with kids, good with other dogs, but is not a big fan of all men. She did good with the few we introduced her too but did not like the man that surrendered her for what ever reason. If men are patient with her and bribe her with treats, she can learn to be okay. Shes sort of a hoot and is very vocal while playing (gotta love those husky voices!)

She is available through adoption through Tails of the Midwest Animal Rescue. Her adoption fee will be $100 + tax which just helps offset what we spent on her vet bills and spay.

You can apply at it takes about 24-48 hours to process an application and breeds are only a best guess based on appearance and personality. We do the best we can with training but please expect some accidents during the adjustment period in a new home.

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Breed : Siberian Husky
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