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Financial Advisor - 100% of our group had their best year ever!

Solid Rock Financial Group
Bismarck, ND
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Name: Solid Rock Financial Group
Location: Bismarck, ND
Are you a current Financial Advisor, or exploring the opportunity to become a Financial Advisor? 100% of our group had their best year ever! We invite you to find out why.

We believe the good people who get into this business should be able to thrive and win consistently. The good news is that we offer that our people DO thrive and they DO win. 100% of our new group had the best year of their career in 2018. Is that of interest to you?

The best news is that we're based right here in Bismarck and you could be a part of our elite team!

We've created an ethical culture of success built upon mutual respect, commitment, honor, passion - and we also picked a very specific lane and strategy that allows each individual to be themselves rather than an industry chameleon (everything to everyone). It's all based on what we believe.

- What if YOU could have your best year ever, and then improve upon that next year, and the year after that?

- What if you could have an efficient way to prospect for new clients (which can be the hardest part about getting into - and then remaining in - this business)?

- What if you didn't have to be a fit for EVERYONE (which most financial services models will ask you to be) only the people you ENJOY?

- What if you could move beyond product selling and learn to communicate only from your beliefs (which is a vast departure from the rest of the industry and is what truly separates us from other companies and cultures)?.

"What if" is real at Solid Rock and that's what makes us very different.

We've been producing at the very top of the industry for over 6 consecutive years. Our elite team outperforms organizations 10 times our size - and now we've set our sites on another banner year for 2019.

We are defying industry statistics about what's truly possible -- AND we've never had more fun!

Find out why.

If you believe what we believe, and would like a fresh start in a new career we're expanding our presence in Bismarck. Let's chat!

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