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The legendary WILLIE NELSON wants our
Bismarck, ND

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The legendary WILLIE NELSON wants Our HOBO HOEDOWN to be a success! We have contact with him. We have sanitation and security for this ALCOHOL- and DRUG-FREE EVENT.

We need to rent or have the donation of the use of 40-50 acres of pasture land within 15 miles of Bismarck for this. Would be in June of 2024.

The performers bring all their own equipment, including big generators on 18-wheelers and their own security.

Our mission is a landmark approach to reducing homelessness among men that is caused by landlord discrimination / harassment. This is NOT a shelter; it is a housing co-operative. The 16 members buy a lifetime membership, have NO landlord harassment because they are each an equal part of the landlord; there are 9 minor children of custodial fathers; and all are alcohol- and drug-free all the time and so is our Hoedown. Our website is

You get lots of prestige (Willie Nelson! His CW friends! Yes!)

Messages only, we need to know each other; that means writing.Let's talk! Thanks!

Listing TypesWanted
Property TypesPasture Land
Lot Size (Acres)40

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