Help wanted immediately on farm/ranch in Braddock ND
Braddock, ND

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Help wanted immediately on farm/ranch in Braddock ND

hours are full time +

Part time also available

Seasonal or year round - willing to visit 

clean driving/criminal record

dependable to show up and be able to work the necessary hours for the task at hand - we make an honest attempt to wrap up the day at a decent time each day except for planting and harvest seasons which can be longer days 

Housing is available if needed in fully furnished/ stocked 3 bedroom house in the town of Braddock approx 4 miles from farm - house is currently furnished top to bottom including all kitchen utensils furniture tv beds and bedding appliances etc, it has a single stall garage but it small 

propane, water, and mdu included no internet or cable tv 

Must be able to operate farm equipment such as 4x4 tractors, loader tractors, pay loader, skidsteer, planter, air seeder, land roller, seed tenders, sprayer, haying equipment such as mowers, rakes and baler. Harvest equipment such as a combine, grain cart, and augers at the bin site as well drive semi from field to bin site or bin site to local elevators. CDL not required.

Knowledge of livestock and handling of livestock is a plus as we have a cow/calf operation as well as a feedlot operation.

Fixing/mending and building fence and corral as well as basic mechanic skills such as welding, operating a torch, diagnosing and repairing equipment etc is expected 

Wage is hourly and is competitive to the market 


Experience RequiredYes
Hourly Maximum0
Hourly Minimum0
Maximum Salary0
Minimum Salary0
Pay TypeHourly

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