Homes & Shomes: Need a place to store your Tractors?
Bismarck, ND

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Tired of battling the elements to protect your valuable equipment?

Homes & Shomes offers the perfect solution for farmers and ranchers like you: custom-built Shomes with spacious garages designed specifically for your tractors and other agricultural needs.

Forget leaky sheds and cramped barns. Our Shomes combine secure, temperature-controlled storage with comfortable living quarters, all under one roof.

Powered by Sparling Construction, a trusted name since 1978, your Shome will be:

Durable and weather-resistant: Stand up to North Dakota's toughest winters.

Spacious and customizable: Accommodate all your equipment, with room to spare.

Energy-efficient: Save money on heating and cooling.

Tailored to your lifestyle: Enjoy the convenience of living close to your work.

If you need additional storage for larger equipment, we can build a detached shop too!


No more scraping snow off your tractor in the morning.

Work on equipment repairs in a comfortable, heated space.

Keep your tools and supplies organized and easily accessible.

Enjoy relaxing evenings without the long commute back home.

Stop struggling, start thriving! Get a FREE Consultation today and see how a Homes & Shomes Shome can revolutionize your farm life.

Serving Bismarck & surrounding areas (60-mile radius).

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