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Purebred Catahoulas

Mercer, ND
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Name: BlizzardinDakotaCatahoulas
Location: Mercer, ND
Purebred Catahoulas

I am making a post for my north dakota people what a purebred catahoula is. Purebred catahoulas do not have stand up ears, pointing snouts like border collies. North dakota is getting the wrong view on what a purebred catahoula is has they are becoming more common up here. Please do your research before looking at buying one that is stated "purebred catahoula for sale". I have added 3 photos of my dogs and attatched links that are 3 registries for catahoulas, nalc, wca, and ukc. Thanks for taking the time to read, please help north dakota get on the right track for what catahoulas are

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