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If your store plan has an inventory rotator splash in a category or subcategory on our site, we make it quick and easy to update that inventory.

Once logged in, click ‘Member Center.’

Click the ‘Business’ tab.

Click ‘Edit Banners.’ Click ‘Inventory Splash.’

Click the drop down box where it says ‘Select an Ad.’ From the list of your active listings, choose the listing you’d like to add in your inventory rotator. Click ‘Add.’

If you’d like to remove a certain vehicle from the inventory rotator, click the garbage can icon.

We also have the option of protecting a vehicle from the data feed, which means that if the data feed removes the vehicle from your listings, it will still remain on the inventory rotator. To do this, click ‘Protect.’  Note: If this is done and forgotten about, a sold vehicle may be on the inventory rotator until someone remembers to remove it.

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